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Tell Your Customers the Truth About Today’s Energy Prices!

Energy Today: Weighing Your Options

"Weighing Your Options"

New stories about gas being the cheaper energy choice are appearing every day. To read these stories, you’d think that gas prices will stay low forever and oil prices are guaranteed to climb unabated. "Weighing Your Options" tells the truth about the future of energy prices and that what goes down (today’s gas prices) must go up.

This attractive, full-color insert will:
Over 200,000 sold
  • Pull back the curtain on today’s energy prices.
  • Explain why converting from oil to gas is not the right long-term decision.
  • Provide proof about the supply-and-demand factors that are expected to raise gas prices in the near future.

Remind your customers of the value you provide.

6 Ways We’re Looking After You.

6 Ways We Are Looking After You Right Now

"6 Ways" reminds your customers of all the things you do for them on a regular basis -- how they benefit every day from being your customer in good times or bad. Your customers will receive a message that reinforces:

  • How your staff is fully trained and always available to solve their problems or address their concerns
  • That you have the equipment, the vehicles, and the quality fuel to serve their comfort needs
  • That, especially in tough times, you have programs to make their fuel bills manageable
  • That you are always prepared to go the extra mile for them

You need to remind your customers how much value you provide, especially when they’ll have lots of other energy options this spring. This timely guide puts it into words for you, and explains to your customers that the best move they can make is to stick with your company, so they can continue to benefit from your knowledge, service and expertise.


Get more of your customers onto your budget plan.

Make Your Life Easy

"Make Your Life Easy"

Budget plans are a win/win for you and your customers—so why aren’t more of your customers enrolled? This handy insert does the selling for you by pointing out all the benefits of budget plans to your customers.

Appealingly designed and written in a friendly, accessible style, "Make Your Life Easy" will:

  • Convince more of your customers that budget plans are a great solution � especially in a tough economy.
  • Clearly explain how a budget plan works.
  • Debunk common myths about budget plans.
  • Make a compelling pitch for automatic deliveries too!

Another Great Tool To Help You

Combat high fuel prices — tell your customers the truth!

Why fuel prices should be lower

"Why Fuel Prices Should Be Lower"

When prices rise, your customers blame you first.  Even if they don’t think you cause the increase, they think you make more money from it. “Why Fuel Prices Should Be Lower” is an up-to-date, hard hitting bill insert that positions you as on the right side of the issue–which is on the side of your customers:

This attractive, full-color insert will:

  • Explain the truth behind rising fuel prices.
  • Position you as on your customers’ side.
  • Showcase what our industry is doing to combat the problems of speculation.
  • Reinforce the full-service value that you deliver on a daily.
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Weighing Your Options
6 Ways We Are Looking After You Right Now:
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Why Fuel Prices Should Be Lower:
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